ASEAN Business Awards 2023


ASEAN Business Awards 2023

The ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) have been an important part of the ASEAN-BAC initiative since its inception in 2007. ABA 2023 will honor outstanding companies and individuals who have demonstrated leadership in driving growth through innovative solutions. In addition, these awards will also recognize businesses that prioritize a sustainable agenda, showcasing  their dedication to building a more inclusive and environmentally responsible ASEAN community.

"The very essence of ABA is to highlight the importance of collaboration and community empowerment in the ASEAN business landscape. We firmly believe that strong partnerships and social responsibility play an important role in driving prosperity across the ASEAN region. By recognising and celebrating an extraordinary business community, we aim to inspire others to contribute to ASEAN's sustainable economic growth," said Bernardino Vega, Alternate Chair of ASEAN-BAC

ABIS and ABA 2023 are committed to being innovative events. These events alone offer unparalleled networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and celebrating achievements that drive the ASEAN region forward.



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